Poppy and Daisy Designs offer a range of craft and activity kits for children aged 5-12 years. We're all about sparking creativity and encouraging kids to create and explore without the use of plastic toys!

Our craft kits, like the DIY Fairy Wand Kit, Flower Press Kit, and Fun Fossils, are designed to inspire imagination and hands-on learning and play.

Picture your child discovering the magic of nature while creating their own Handmade Paper, or embarking on a Nature Hunt with our engaging activity kits. Each project is a delightful blend of fun and education, helping kids connect with the great outdoors and develop their creative skills.

At Poppy & Daisy Designs, we are committed to being eco-conscious and reducing the amount of plastic toys in landfill. Our kits are crafted from natural materials that don’t cost the earth, ensuring that playtime is as sustainable as it is fun. We love that our products are great for the planet and great for young minds!

Join us in making everyday moments extraordinary with our unique craft kits that bring joy and wonder into your child's world, all while caring for our planet. Let’s get crafting and exploring together! 🌿🌎🦋🎨

Thank you for being here! We invite you to explore our kits- perfect for your own children or as thoughtful gifts that inspire creativity, foster imagination and support a sustainable future.

Poppy and Daisy 💕