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Free Shipping over $150 - $10.95 Standard - $14.95 Express

Keep kids entertained with eco-friendly craft kits.

Our unique nature-inspired kids craft and activity kits provide hours of plastic-free, non-toxic play.

Inspire Your Kids To Get Creative

Our unique nature-inspired kids craft and activity kits provide hours of plastic-free, non-toxic play.


Craft activities that connect families

Children are kept entertained with our range of beautiful plastic free craft kits! Ideal for school holidays or for gift giving!

Most popular kits

Do you remember pressing flowers as a child?

Create those life long memories of foraging for flowers and pressing them together at the kitchen table!

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Customer testimonials

  • My order containing Chrissy presents for my 8 year old granddaughter just arrived!
    The flower press, story cubes and mini garden are just beautiful!
    I had to play with the story cubes…they are super cute and really gets your imagination working.
    Thank you so much for your amazing products. I adore them.
  • Thanks Helen! The order arrived and is great, I am building a little stash of kids birthday presents so I don’t have to run to the shops every other weekend, and the amount of single use plastic in toys that kids only play with for 5 minutes stresses me out (if my kids are any guide), so your products are perfect on that front! Not to mention totally cute and fun too. They are really great products.

  • Hi Helen,

    We received our order this week and we made our lavender lip balm today. My daughter had so much fun and then used the little bottles to act out Alice in Wonderland after. We can’t wait to make some recycled paper and press flowers. It’s lovely having all the tools to make the stuff we made as children. Thanks for creating such beautiful products.

  • Hi Helen,
    Thank you for our amazing mini packs they are sooo lovely and absolutely beautifully packaged. Our order came so fast too..thank you. I have already recommended you to a number of friends.
    Thank you!!
  • Thank you Helen,
    Your service and the quality of goods make shopping with small businesses such h a pleasure.
    Thank you!
  • Hi Helen, I love your brand! We received one of your craft boxes as a gift for my 5yo from a dear friend… and after that I couldn’t resist and order a few of your sets as gifts for my daughters friends upcoming birthdays.
    Your business is such a great idea and very well executed! Very inspiring!

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